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So You’re Planning A Tent Wedding

This is the first of a series on tent weddings…

It’s easy to see why a tent wedding is a popular choice for couples.  They transform any space into a true build a dream venue experience.  Just like any dream, the road to making it come true can be a bumpy one. Building a dream venue will require you to have a plan for all the amenities that we all take for granted in a brick and mortar venue. That list is longer than you think. That’s why we’ll always recommend hiring a wedding professional to plan and coordinate your tent wedding. In this series on tent weddings you will learn our our top tips for a successful tent wedding experience.

Let’s dive in.

Private Residence Tented Wedding
A great team is behind the beautiful execution of this tented wedding in Cumberland Head, NY Photo Courtesy of Jenna Brisson Photography

The Down and Dirty of Outdoor Weddings

This is an often forgotten basic- sanitation.  Weddings produce a lot of love and a lot of trash. Make sure you’re asking your caterer and property manager what services they offer for collecting, storing, and taking away any waste.  After investing of time and money into your wedding the last thing you want is to be hauling garbage as an after party activity. 

If the property does not come with trash receptacles add this to your to do list. rent or purchase adequate trash and recycling bins.  Remember to storage should be prevent pets and wildlife from getting to it.

Green Tip – Lower your environmental impact by opting for biodegradable garbage bags and discussing composting options with your caterer.

We love this beautiful barrel to encourage your guest to recycle at your wedding.

We’ve Got The Power

Literally keeping the lights on is not as simple as flicking a switch with a tent.  Ensure you are asking key questions about what power your vendors will need or if they will supply their own (including extension cords).  If the property cannot supply the adequate amount of power, your rental companies will have a vast array of generators. If the property has power your next question should be where is the breaker box. Also, who will be available to run to it if there are issues.

Tidewater Pole Tent In Evening
We love the glow this beautiful tidewater tent cast throughout the evening. Photo Courtesy of Jenna Brisson Photography
Shane Murley Band
You definitely don’t want to shut down The Shane Murley Band’s performance because of a blown circuit breaker. Photo Courtesy of Jenna Brisson Photography

Dig Safe Before Tent Installation

A Dig Safe assessment will be required, especially if this is the property’s first tent installation. The property owner should coordinate with the rental company and Dig Safe to tour the property to assess the best and safest location for your tent. Be prepared- if the tent cannot be safely staked down your plans for the tent location will change. We promise, there’s no such thing as an ugly tent set up, but there sure is a dangerous one.  Trust the professionals and always choose the safest option!

From clean up to to power, there’s a million details to take into consideration.  It can be a challenge, however once you’re dancing under those tent lights you’ll know it was all worth it. 

Good pre-planning and a Dig Safe call makes sure your tents stakes anchor your tent and not puncture utility lines.

Before you start second guessing your decision to have a tent wedding, remember that working with professionals will take the burden of worrying about these details off your plate and into their experienced hands.