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There is a moment before your future spouse meets you on your wedding day that only a wedding planner sees. At first, it is an expression of fear that will cross their face as they realize just how many people have arrived to join in your joyful union. And then, the fear passes and it is replaced with utter joy. The relief visibly washes over them, and in its wake, nirvana. All the dreaming, planning, and careful negotiations over the seating chart are abandoned. It’s the moment they realize they can finally do that one thing... be with you for the rest of their life.

We want you to be present and relaxed so you can make cherished memories with each other and your family.

Hello! I'm honored you are visiting us... I love being a part of the wedding industry because we get to meet you and your amazing family.  That's what we want to help you plan and enjoy your wedding weekend. 

Meet The I Do Crew

more than just a day of coordinator 

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Fun Facts

she's been horse crazy since birth.  When she's not working with couples you can find her and her daughter spending as much time as possible with their quarter horse, Zeus.

...the barn!

My favorite venue is...

My go-to advice is to...

My favorite trend is...

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with many couples and families choosing to not have young children in attendance it's opened a door for the adults to have a blast in non-traditional roles such as flower girl  and ring bearer- We Love It! with flowers!

My favorite venue is...

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someone will have an opinion in favor of or against a part of your wedding day so you might as well do what makes your heart happy! you!

My favorite venue is...

My go-to advice is to...

My favorite trend is....

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I'm notoriously in love with every single venue my couples choose.  But the last venue is the freshest in my mind, so I'll pick it if you ask...

..the last one!

My favorite venue is...

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My favorite trend is...

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Meet Amanda

Coordinator Assistant​
Why She Loves Weddings: ​ I love seeing the event come to life. It is such a special day and to be able to watch it all come together is amazing. 
Favorite Trend: All things unique! I love going to a wedding and seeing something I have never seen at an event before.
What She Wants To See More Of: Late night snacks for guests. Always a hit.
Her Super Power: Problem solving. Crisis management is my specialty!!

Meet Brandi

Planner & Coordinator​
​Why She Loves Weddings:
​ What's not to love about two people celebrating their love with friends and family?
Favorite Trend: I love when a couple takes the leap and writes their own vows. We wrote our own vows and exchanging them in front of our friends and family was such a powerful and emotional experience.
Biggest Don't: Doing anything that impairs your memory of the day!
Her Super Power: Being your strongest advocate!

Meet Emily R.

Planner & Coordinator​
The Empath
Why She Loves Weddings: ​There is so much love & happiness. I love seeing the couples venue and how the couple decided to decorate. The brides big dress reveal is always stunning!
Favorite Trend: Anniversary Wine - each guest at the table signs the bottle with a memory. The couple opens the wine on their anniversary and looks back at their special day!
Biggest Don't: Don't rush your day!
Her Super Power: Being in tune to you will have you believing she can read your mind.

Meet Kate

Coordinator Assistant​
The Unflappable One
Why She Loves Weddings: ​ Everyone is so happy and excited. It's the time where the couple jumps into the adventure that is marriage.
Favorite Trend: When couples ditch the traditional venues and go outdoors. There's something about being in nature that makes everything magical.
Biggest Don't: When the couple takes on too much on their wedding weekend. They should be enjoying themselves and fully present.
Her Super Power: After operating a day care for more than 10 years - She's seen it all and nothing rattles her.  

We know the best moments of our lives usually happen after we say “Yes” and that can-do spirit is the framework of our DNA.

Your time is precious. Leave the details to us and make memories to last a lifetime. We’ve got this, now go celebrate.

We're doing a part to lower the carbon footprint of any event

We’re creatives who know how to make dreams a reality, let us make yours come true, too.

We’re on our A game so you don’t have to be. Sit back, relax, we’ve got you.

Love is Love -If you’re lucky enough to find it, we’re here to celebrate it.







OUr Values

Wedding Management is the modernized (and more accurate) term for day-of coordination.

There is no such thing as a professional coordinator that just shows up on the wedding day, waving a magic wand, and hoping it all comes together. It takes many, many hours of work and preparation to be ready to do the job on the wedding day.

It takes time, resources, communication, coordination, and planning to prepare for a wedding to be executed well.  

01. What is Wedding Management?


Our wedding planning services include:
- Vendor referrals
- Design
- Regular or as needed meetings
- Collaborative management of our Ultimate Countdown (Google Sheet)
- And more...
Our wedding planning services are offered in two ways.
Full Service Planning (under contract)- We're your dedicated planner with a one hour minimum for each hour under contract.

02. What is included in your wedding planning services?


Pro Tem Planning (no contract needed) - For couples who only want occasional help or confirmation they are on the right track.  Upon making your appointment, you will be invoiced for a retainer to secure your date.  A final invoice will be sent  for actual  service time.


Our wedding management services, sometimes referred to as wedding coordination, begins about six weeks before your wedding weekend.  

It takes time, resources, communication, coordination, and planning to prepare for a wedding to be executed well.  We accomplish this together by:
- Providing you a complimentary Ultimate Wedding Workbook & Countdown, that you complete six weeks before your wedding.
- Connecting with and confirming your vendor team
- Meeting with you about a month before to go over the details and your expectations.
- Developing your robust weekend of timeline
- Coordinating your rehearsal ceremony  with one coordinator and one assistant
- Coordinating your wedding day with one coordinator and one assistant
- Staging your event
- Having on hand our famous wedding survival kit

03. What is included in your wedding management services?


Are we exaggerating when we say the perks of working with a wedding planner for your Vermont and New York wedding are endless? We don't think so!  But here our a few of our clients favorite things...
- Advice and Guidance from the I Do Crew
- A strong advocate in your corner to help you achieve your unique wedding vision
- Complimentary access to our Wedding Planning Resources Library
- Dedicated Client Portal
- Discounts on our Decor Rentals
- Minted Discounts
- And more...

04. What are the perks of working with a wedding planner?


Book the I Do Crew in three easy steps...
- Have a consultation with us - Book it today
- If we're a good fit, return a signed contract and send in the non-refundable retainer.

05. How do I book your services?


Absolutely.  Our staging services are available on an hourly basis and include two stagers.  We are happy to decorate using your own decor or our rentals. 

We ensure we are bringing your vision to life using our Visual Planner. Learn more by booking a consultation today.

06. Do you offer decorating and staging services?


Although we have been offered referral bonuses from vendors, we do not accept them.  Why?
It's important to us that we maintain our objectivity when assembling a dream team. 
We pride ourselves on referring clients to vendors that will be a great fit, be in budget, and be available. 
Our clients stay confident that their wedding planning is free of biased referrals.

07. Do you receive compensation from vendors when you refer them to clients?

We provide individual quotes for each event but our clients can expect our services to start at $125 per hour.

08. How much are services?

There are four coordinators on our team, Anika,  Brandi, Emily, and Libby. Read their bios at the link below

09. How many coordinators are on the I Do Crew?


We do not provide janitorial, sanitation, personal care, babysitting, catering, or bartending services. We can refer clients to businesses that provide these services.

10. Are there any services you do not provide?

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