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Wednesday Are For Weddings

With the potential of twice as many couples marrying this year, and still only 26 weekends in the year couples may find that a Saturday celebration isn’t feasible in 2021 and 2022.  But this shouldn’t be a source of sorrow- weekday weddings are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, even prior to the pandemic. Based on 2018 Real Weddings study, one in five couples choose to say I do on a weekday. As a wedding professional who saw nearly their entire 2020 calendar postpone to 2021, I know I am becoming a fan of the weekday affair.  And here are some reasons why…

Superstition – Weddings are steeped in tradition and lore.  And they day you wed is no exception.  Did you know the meaning behind marrying on certain days of the week?  It was thought that you marry on Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday for the best day of all, Thursday for losses, and Friday for crosses. And funnily, on Saturday for no luck at all.
Lengthen the Celebration – We’ve been apart for such a long time, that people are craving more quality time together than ever.  A wedding held on a Monday allows for out of town guests to be settled before the festivities.  This also allows for more planned weekend activities before the wedding.  
The Dream Team Will Be Available– With an increase in 2021 celebrations, the likelihood of your dream vendor team being available on a weekday is much higher!  You’ll find that a venue you had your heart set on is available on a Wednesday, but booked out for years on a Saturday.  
For the Love of Your Budget – And a very special budget bonus…many vendors offer steep discounts for events held on a weekday!  Assorted Artistries is the preferred planner at the Inn at Grace Farm and they offer a fantastic discount for weekday events. ​

Regardless of when you chose to celebrate your wedding, we hope that it is a memorable day that you cherish for years to come.