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All the perks of a planner, without the commitment.

Why Book a Power Planning Session with the I Do Crew?
...You want to end wedding planning stress...
...You want a professional to chime in and make sure you're on the right track...
...You want to benefit from a professionals experience without a commitment...

How's Planning Going?


What's a Power Planning Session?  This hour long session is for couples' at any stage of their wedding planning process and want the expertise of a wedding planner without the commitment. We'll tackle your biggest priorities and help you feel confident and excited for your wedding planning journey.

About Power
Planning Sessions

Once you book a session you'll be directed to complete our Power Planning Session Form.  We'll ask you for all the details (thus far) and your top priorities from the session.  

If we have any questions that will help us make the most of our time together, we'll email you.

What Happens After We Book A Session?

We are most familiar with weddings spanning from the Adirondacks to Southern Vermont. But, our wedding planning experience and skills benefit anyone planning a celebration, anywhere

Is This Session For Anyone?

Realistic guidance, tools, and resources to bring your vision to life.
Resources to pace your planning so you're prepared & excited about what comes next.
Assembling a dream vendor and making the most of their services
Best practices for guest management, communicaiton, and logistics.
Setting boundaries with each other, your family, and other important members of your wedding.
Guidance on common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
Design and sourcing for all the details.
Guidance for creating details that are unequivocably YOU.

What Can The I Do Crew Help With?

We like to think there isn't anything we can't do (Hence, the I DO Crew!) but we practice what we preach so here is what we do not do in a session.
We cannot design your entire wedding in one session
We cannot guarantee vendor availabilities
We cannot read minds, so please overshare when competing your planning session form. 

What Can't You Help Us With?

You'll receive a summary of our session that includes your top priorities, notes from our session, and recommendations and next steps.
You'll also receive exclusive discounts on all of our Wedding Planning Resources

What Happens After Our Power Planning Session?

There are two things you should do to make the most of your Power Planning Session.
1. Thoroughly Complete (read OVERSHARE) your Planning Session Form.  List the top three priorities that you want to address during your session. 
2. Share any relevant contracts, files, or communication that would be helpful via a shared folder or drive (we prefer Google Drive)

What Should We Do Before Our Session?

Power Planning Sessions are typically an hour.  Couples who feel they need more time can request an extended session when booking.  We'll either extend your time with your original appointment or send

How Long Are Power Planning Sessions?

Power Planning sessions are offered at $150 an hour. To book an appointment a non-refundable retainer of $25 to secure the appointment.  After the session an invoice for the actual time will be sent to the couple, minus the retainer.  For example, if your session was 1 hour long, your final invoice would be for $125.   

What Does A Power Planning Session Cost?