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Anika Fullum is a Jill of all trades and master of some. She's a hopeless romantic who wants to see her clients have the best possible celebration.
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Shake It Off and Celebrate: A Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Party!

At Assorted Artistries, we’re all about creating unforgettable experiences, and a recent surprise 30th birthday party we hosted is a perfect example! This celebration took a die-hard Swiftie on a nostalgic journey through Taylor’s musical eras, proving that themed parties can be both sophisticated and playful.

The party was a surprise for the guest of honor, and the look on her face when she walked into our transformed showroom was priceless! We divided the space into distinct sections, each meticulously decorated to represent a different Taylor Swift album. From the sparkling fairy lights reminiscent of the “Speak Now” era to the rustic elegance of the “Red” section, every detail captured the essence of each musical chapter. The guests, all fellow Swifties, reveled in the meticulously curated atmosphere, reminiscing and singing along to their favorite Taylor tunes.

The fun didn’t stop there! To add an interactive element, we created a dedicated “Reputation” area with a graffiti wall (on removable wallpaper, of course!) where guests could leave personalized messages for the birthday girl. Party favors were a delightful nod to Taylor’s playful side – custom-made stickers featuring iconic lyrics and album artwork. Instead of a traditional guestbook, we presented a whimsical Taylor Swift children’s book, where guests penned heartfelt messages and silly jokes (because, let’s be honest, what’s a Swiftie celebration without a little humor?).

The “Taylor Swift Eras Tour” surprise party was a resounding success! It was a night filled with laughter, friendship, and a shared love for Taylor’s music. This event also perfectly showcased Assorted Artistries’ ability to transform a space into a multi-themed wonderland, catering to the specific interests of our clients. Whether you’re a Swiftie, a movie buff, or a bookworm, we can turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to start planning your dream event in our beautiful downtown Plattsburgh showroom!