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Keep Celebtrating,

Anika Fullum is a Jill of all trades and master of some. She's a hopeless romantic who wants to see her clients have the best possible celebration.
​She enjoys solving problems, riding horses, and anything BBC.


Dear Overwhelmed Spouse To Be

Love is in the air and so is inspiration…

Whether you are recently engaged or celebrating an aluminum anniversary I think we can all agree there are two types of weddings… The one you have and the one you Pin. We’ve all done it, snuggle on the couch and joyfully scroll and Pin amazing tablescapes, champagne walls, and floral arrangements.  We’ll spend hours researching how to DIY the things we love with aspirations to take on the challenge and Nail It for our wedding day.  I love this energy for you.  I believe in you.  You can totally do it… but not for your wedding day. 

The days and weeks leading up to your wedding day should be about you preparing your vows, your first dance, and your honeymoon.  Not preparing to store, cut, prep, and arrange 12 buckets of locally sources organic blooms in your basement. Not sanding down and sealing 25 wood slabs.  Not designing, cutting, and applying vinyl names to handpainted acrylic name cards.  This is not the journey we want for you.

Maybe skip the latte for a month and hire a professional to do it for you.  Because we want you to take the $450 in supplies and 90 hours of labor and use it instead to spend getting mani pedis your Mimi who flew in for your wedding. We want you to spend it on an extra excursion on your honeymoon.  We want you to plan one extra brunch with your mom to talk about her wedding day.  We want you to spend it on a date night with your partner, laughing about your first date.  

And we say this as former DIY brides.  As people who live for the thrill of a Nail It Project.  We say this as brides who haven’t had their families all together since their wedding.  We say this with love.  We say this knowing full well we’ll swoop in and save you from a DIY nightmare if you ignore our advice.