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Photo Courtesy of Julia Rebecca Photography

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Relive the Cringe: Awkwardly Awesome Besties Sessions with Kelcie Janelle Photography!

Remember those iconic (and maybe a little cringe-worthy) JC Penney photo studio portraits from yesteryear? The ones with the floral backdrops, awkward poses, and outfits that would make even the trendiest 90s kid blush? Well, Kelcie Janelle Photography, a member of Assorted Artistries’ Creative Subscription program, is bringing them back – with a hilarious besties twist!

Real life best friends (and friendors) Anika and Brianna knew Kelcie was the perfect photographer to channel the spirit of these vintage portraits, helping the duo create a series of intentionally awkward yet undeniably fun images. From rocking 90’s The Rock black turtle necks and denim to posing with oversized balloons, the girls embraced the “so bad it’s good” aesthetic. This playful session is a perfect reminder that sometimes, the most cherished memories come from embracing the silly and letting loose with your besties.

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Embrace the Fun, Embrace the Friend-Love

Kelcie’s playful JC Penney-inspired session is a reminder that self-love and acceptance are key to fostering strong friendships. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you can truly embrace the goofy, hilarious moments with your besties.

Ready to bring your creative vision to life? Join Assorted Artistries’ Creative Subscription program and unlock a world of creative possibilities. And don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive April offer for behind-the-scenes content creation! Contact us today to learn more.