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So You Don’t Need A Planner…

So you don’t need to hire a wedding planner…Or so you think… We cringe when we hear about a disastrous wedding that could have been prevented. 

Our first question? Who was the planner*1?  

The general response? There wasn’t one.  Cringe.  

And inevitably we hear the reason why a wedding planner wasn’t enlisted.  Double Cringe.  

Lacking a planner or a dedicated point person on your wedding day leaves couples vulnerable to stress and disasters. But misconceptions about planners leave couples dismissing this crucial hire.  So today we’ll spend a little time debunking our least favorite reasons why you won’t hire a planner.. 

Our Venue Has A Planner

The titles are similar but that’s where the similarities end. We can assure you that the venue’s coordinator loves*2 when you have a planner. There are just things they can’t or won’t be able to do. A venue coordinator is just that, a coordinator for the venue. They are not only serving you but also every other event taking place on site. What does that mean? The person you expected may not be your day of point person.  Most of the venue coordinators we have worked with go above and beyond. But couples should remember their efforts are limited to the venue. Mary Me Tampa Bay really hits the nail over the head with their deep dive on the differences between wedding planners and venue coordinators. Wedding planners on the other hand will be fully dedicated to whatever their couples need. And usually have a team working behind the scenes.

An I Do Crew member cleaning a guest table before the florist arrives
Our I Do Crew working on prepping guest tables before the florist arrives

My (Family Member/Friend) Will Be The Point Person

As wonderful as it is to have an aunt coordinate your wedding day, unless they are a professional with a team they can delegate work to, please let them be a part of the celebration.  We understand that your family member may be persistent in their desire to be your point person. Realistically, at some point your relative will need to stop working and take part in the festivities and rituals. If you are both comfortable with those boundaries we strongly encourage you to set out reasonable terms of your expectations and (most importantly) compensation. Maybe you have a village of people offering to help. They may all have your back, but horror stories like these are more common than one may think.

Wedding Planners Are Too Expensive

Agreed, a planner is an additional expense. But the value they add to your event will save you in the end.  Planners will work with you to cut frivolous spending, such as buying unpopular favors, overprinting menus, etc.  They will also connect you with reputable vendors that will keep you on budget and give you peace of mind.  Should there be conflict leading up to the wedding day your planner can also help navigate resolving that issue so that the focus is back on the celebration. And for those that hire a planner after most of the planning is done, your planner will be the MVP of your wedding day by making sure everyone sticks to the plan and vendors are able to work their magic.

*1 For the purposes of this article, a wedding planner refers to a professional providing wedding planning or coordinating services.

*2 Disclaimer: We’ve come across a venue or two that has a strict no planner policy and these sites we simply ask: Who hurt you?

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