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Gratitude and Gratuities

Hand passing blue tip envelope
Hand passing blue tip envelope
Who and when to give a tip for your wedding professionals.

November 1st rings in the season of thanks and we want to take a minute to express how grateful we are to not only our past and current clients but also the amazing professionals we have teamed up with over these many years.   So there seems no better time to dive into the many ways you can show gratitude when planning your wedding celebration.

A Little Note of Thanks
Any of our clients will tell you that we highly encourage writing thank you notes the week before your wedding.  Not only is this a wonderful way to lift your spirits, it also frames your mind to be open to all the positivity that your celebration will bring.  Weddings are stressful, but focusing on the people involved in your celebration will guide your thoughts away from negativity. 
. In most cases you’ve had several interactions with the professionals you’ve hired for your celebration. Pull from those experiences to write your appreciation for the craft you know will be on display at your wedding.   If you’ve had limited interactions with your vendor, waiting to write your note post-wedding is acceptable.  We recommend writing it within a few days of your celebration, while your memories are still fresh in your mind. 
Not Just A Tip
One of the top questions I receive the days leading up to the ceremony is “What do I tip?”  Martha Stewart outlines best practices which I typically agree with her updated guidance with a few exceptions.  Clients should review their contracts with Stylists and MUA carefully.  A growing trend for the beauty team is to include gratuity in their contract.  And Martha’s sage advice omits our favorite people- the  artists.  Whether you’ve hired local artists or found your talent on Etsy, make sure to show them your appreciation.  It may not be a tip, but sometimes a great recommendation or review is better than a tip… speaking of…

Sometimes gratuity isn’t just a financial transaction.  Regardless of whether or not it’s a best practice to tip, you should always leave a review for your vendor on a few platforms.  From Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and even Facebook.  Your praise goes a long way in growing your vendor’s reputation.  So if you loved what they did, share your experience! At Assorted Artistries we’ve assembled a list of sites we’d love to see your review

Gifts That Say It For You
When a thank you note or gratuity can’t properly convey your appreciation you may find yourself searching “gifts for vendors”.  The results won’t be what you expect, trust us.  So let’s save you some scrolling and share our favorite gifts.

  • Any merch!- Whether it be stationery or a Yeti a branded gift makes business owner delighted!  
  • A print from your wedding highlighting their craft.  Did a guest grab a photo of your photographer going the extra mile on your wedding day? Was your bouquet breathtaking? 
  • Preserving the moment– We love the idea of  displaying pressing bouquets and other floral arrangements. These make lovely gifts for any one involved in your wedding.  

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