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Keep Celebtrating,

Anika Fullum is a Jill of all trades and master of some. She's a hopeless romantic who wants to see her clients have the best possible celebration.
​She enjoys solving problems, riding horses, and anything BBC.


Once Upon A Planner!

Once Upon A Time

bride with veil against brick wall
Learn where Anika caught the wedding planner bug.

I am often asked, why wedding planning, and although there are many reasons why I began providing coordination services, there is one specific memory that always springs to mind. ​

Picture it. Fall 2008. It was my wedding day  and members of my family and bridal party were scattered across the greater Plattsburgh area.  After a year of planning, a carefully thought out and distributed timeline, nothing was going as planned. And perhaps the most vivid memory is glancing into the hotel room mirror, wearing my perfect dress, and to my horror I wasn’t wearing a smidge of makeup.  In that moment I realized it didn’t matter how carefully I planned my wedding, if there wasn’t someone there to carry it through, the day was just a bride in a dress herding unruly cats. ​

From my experience, I developed a strong understanding why a wedding planner should be mission critical when deciding who to hire for your special occasion.  And let me share why you should say “Yes” to Assorted Artistries:

Why Say Yes

  • Ice, Ice Baby – If there’s a problem, yeah, I’ll solve it. From reassembling a coursage  minutes before the processional to ensuring guest get home safely. And when disaster isn’t striking, you’ll have all the support needed to take in each cherished moment and bask in the joy of your celebration. 
  • Never Enough – We are invested in your day going your way. We won’t be happy until you’re ecstatic.  The bar is set that high. That moment before you walk down the aisle is magical and we can’t wait to be there to see it.
  • We’re Connected – Still looking for a photographer? Florist? Still searching for an officiant?  Let’s get the right people taking part in your day, we know quite a few!
  • Our Timelines Are Not Broken- We’ll keep you on track and on time, handling the minutia while you have a mimosa and a good time.  Your friends and family can be relaxed and present knowing that everything is in the hands of a professional! This is a celebration for them, too, and we want them to enjoy it!

Plainly, the joining of two families is a joyous occasion and our particular skill set keeps the celebration going throughout the weekend.   So check off herding cats off your to do list, and contact us today. ​